Luxury Properties in Gulf Coast

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is home to a wealth of history, natural beauty, and some of the best luxury real estate available in the region. Due to its location, the Mississippi Gulf Coast enjoys year-round pleasant weather, stunning views of the Mississippi Sound, and access to the nearest neighboring cities like New Orleans.

The important role of architecture in the Gulf Coast

Luxury properties in the Mississippi Gulf Coast echo its great past, and you can tell by the region’s rich architectural heritage. Whether you choose to settle in Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian, or another Gulf Coast community, you’ll find plenty of unique regional character that will surely withstand the test of time.

Although the hurricanes that swept through the Gulf Coast have rendered some of the most stunning historic luxury homes in the area damaged beyond repair, numerous builders have created newer constructions that retain the grace, grandeur, and elegance of its predecessors while employing modern building methods that will allow it to withstand even the strongest of storms.

Built in a naturalistic setting, luxury properties in the Mississippi Gulf Coast come in an array of building types:

  • Side hall
  • Cottage
  • L-shape
  • Side gable
  • Pyramid
  • Townhouse
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Waterfront

As for architecture, there are four styles that lend the Mississippi Gulf Coast its one-of-a-kind regional character.

    • Acadian-Creole – Influenced by the French settlers from Nova Scotia, the Acadian-Creole style is one of the principal architectural movements in the Mississippi Gulf Coast and other towns. Features include deep porches and a steep French hipped roof. Over time, this style has been modified to accommodate various climatic and environmental conditions.
    • Gulf Coast Victorian – Simple and elegant, this architectural style flourished particularly in coastal neighborhoods throughout the Gulf Coast. Once in a while, you’ll come across more exotic versions, with details derived from the Queen Anne, Italianate, and Eastlake styles.
    • Gulf Coast Classical – One of the three principal styles in the Gulf Coast region, basic elements include multi-pane windows, simple Ionic or Corinthian columns, porches, side wings, and a symmetrical composition. The Gulf Coast Classical style is heavily influenced by Greek and Federal houses from the mid-19th century.
  • Gulf Coast Arts and Crafts–Picking up elements of style from the Arts and Crafts movement, local builders helped shape its Gulf Coast version. Common features include deep and broad porch elements, mixed use of materials such as shingles and brick, asymmetrical composition, and additional structural elements such as rafters, columns, and brackets.

Mixed-use luxury homes in the Gulf Coast, on the other hand, typically feature large windows and glass doors, simple window compositions, facades with parapet walls, and usually stand two to three stories tall. You’ll find most properties of this type in commercial centers and downtown districts.

Explore the Gulf Coast’s luxury real estate

There’s more to the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s luxury properties than style and architectural influence. To know more about the best luxury homes available in the Gulf Coast area, contact us today to get a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!