Jesse 4

Jesse Lewis REALTOR®

Name:Jesse Lewis
Age: 36
Birthday: July 29, 1987
From: New Orleans, LA
Residing: Gulfport, MS
Children: 4 boys
Military Service:U.S. Army

Travel, reading, physical fitness, gaming, mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, skydiving, shooting, movies, TV series, romance studies

Small arms maintenance, small arms training, small arms combat, self-defense, management, leadership, equipment management, resource allocation (men, equipment, budgets, nutrition), sales, physical fitness training, conflict resolution and management

To provide for my 4 sons’ retirement and ensure they have the training to do the same for their children.

Hi, I’m Jesse Lewis. Proud husband, father of four boys, and U.S. Army veteran. My life is guided by the principle: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness.” My primary goal is to raise my sons to be capable and productive young men.

With a passion for travel, reading, fitness, and adventure sports like mountain climbing and scuba diving, I stay active and engaged in diverse interests. My skills span from small arms training to leadership and conflict resolution, honed through military service and professional experience.

My personal motto is “Service above self.” I believe that relationships and people hold more value than any amount of money. My aim is to create a strong, supportive network for my family and instill the same values in my sons.